What We Do

And not just what we do,
But how do we do it.

Getting Started

We kick things off with a storyboarding session, exploring what suits your business model and style. Next we draw up the blueprints, taking those high-level business objectives and translating them into a development-friendly format. We explore how the ideas coordinate with wireframes and wrap up with a detailed outline of how to execute and implement the proposed plan.

Making It Happen

Once we've got the blueprints, we’re ready to start building. This is the part where we develop unique software systems, software products, and customized applications. We work hand-in-hand with you to ensure we're building exactly what you want and creating a product that keeps you at the technological forefront of your market. Once we get your fresh, new system operating, we'll handle the system administration including running tests, fixing bugs, monitoring metrics, and of course, seeing that your product performs at the highest level possible.

Not Ready to Commit?

Maybe you're not the commitment type. We can work with that. We offer retainer and maintenance services where we'll provide admin services and keep your system running smoothly. That means we'll handle bugfixes, system updates, minor changes, and monitor metrics for your project. What else do you get? Updates and end of month reports. We'll work with you to establish a set number of hours per month, and we work against those hours at a set rate. It’s simple, easy, and effective.


Already have a team and just want someone to bounce ideas off of? Maybe you need someone to fill the "Technology Director" role on your project? Perhaps it's simply a fresh set of eyes that can help turn your project around? We can offer our services in a consultant role. We're experts at solving problems using technolgoy and sometimes all you need is a helping hand to point you in the right direction, guide the project, and ensure goals are met. We'd be happy to help.

The Fine Print...

Money doesn't grow on trees, and neither do time or contracts. And we're dealing with all three. If you want to work with us, we'll give you an hourly rate using our standard contract. But if you'd rather use your company's legal contract, we can work with that, adjusted to match our set rate.

At Netlandish, we understand budgets are tight, and only charge you for work we've done. Oh, and by the way, we're quick, thorough, efficient, and worth it.