You can call us what you want.
We call ourselves problem solvers.

Netlandish was founded in 2008, and we’ve been creating business software solutions ever since. When you need a custom application created or a specialized system, we're the team you want.

We're all about business breakthroughs thanks to smart backend systems, product launch test sites, media sites, micro-sites, and more. And we're not above the other stuff like system maintenance, monitoring, bug fixing, and automated deployment either.

Having worked with startups like Adly.com, international organizations like the National Association of Realtors, large media companies like National Geographic Channel and small non-profits like Oregon BTA, as well as a long list of interactive agencies, we've honed our skill by collaborating with our clients to concept, develop, and produce customized systems designed to maximize your unique business model.

We're here to make your business run a little smoother, keep your systems a little more sophisticated, and position your business as a technical leader within your market.

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Open Source Projects

  • django-impersonate

    Django app to allow superusers to login as other accounts via a quick user switch process.

  • djpubsubhubbub

    Django app to interface with the PubSubHubBub protocol.

  • djeploy

    A set of Fabric utility modules used to deploy essentially any type of project to a unix based host.

  • django-trello-broker

    Django app to integrate BitBucket.org notifications with your Trello board workflow.

  • py-kunaki

    Python module to to interface with the Kunaki.com XML API

  • sendypy

    Python module to to interface with the Sendy ESP platform API

  • django-callback

    Django app to queue and execute async processes with a simple cronjob.

  • django-easyconfig

    Module to make it very easy to customize external Django apps to a local project.

  • redmine-bitbucket

    Redmine plugin to work with notifications from BitBucket.org

  • zerigodns

    Python module to interface with the Zerigo DNS API.