Big Trouble with Our Little Telephones (UPDATED)

December 22, 2018 • Peter Sanchez

UPDATE: Phones are now back and working...

This post is just for notification purposes...

Long story short, our telephones are currently not working. Our VoIP provider suddenly shut down their business and due to a database error on their end, did not notify us. On Thursday, Dec 20 2018, we woke up to our phones not working.

Turns out the company closed it's doors and turned off it's servers overnight. Apparently it was planned and they were notifying all customers since February but we never got the notice. They were notifying our old office manager and he hasn't worked here in two years. There was some database error and they didn't store the updated contact details.

The scariest part was the loss of our numbers. They were "given back" to the wholesale provider and we spent last Thursday and Friday figuring out how to preserve those numbers so we can move them to a new provider and get up and running again.

Even though our phones don't ring a lot we've still had those numbers for nearly a decade so losing them would be pretty terrible for us.

Luckily we were able to save our numbers and now we're searching for a new provider to port them over to. We will update this post once our phones are up and running again. In the mean time please email us us or use the contact form.

Current clients should have my cell phone so if it's urgent, please just call me there and I'll handle it from there. Otherwise normal channels should be used (new ticket, email, etc.)

Sorry for the confusion!


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