Drop Shipping Automation With py-kunaki

November 21, 2013 • Peter Sanchez

We're real big on automation here at Netlandish. If there's a way that we can "set it and forget it" then we'll find or build that way. An example of that is a niche shopping cart product we own called CartFreak. CartFreak is a "shopping cart" aimed at direct response internet marketers. I put "shopping cart" in quotes because it does so much more than just processing product sales. It's an all in one business solution if your in the IM game. Especially if you're selling digital products. CartFreak has a small user base of impact internet marketers who run millions of dollars through the software every year. So, what if you want to sell physical products? Specifically CD's or DVD's. Say hello to Kunaki. Kunaki is a service that let's you produce your CD or DVD product on demand. They'll also handle the printing, jewel case and shipping for you as well. It's a great service and insanely cheap. They also have an XML API available. Kunaki didn't have any Python modules for it's API and since we're a Python shop, we wrote one for use in CartFreak. Recently, we re-wrote our Kunaki code to be more modular and designed it to not be dependent on the CartFreak project. We decided to open source this new module so everyone can easily integrate with Kunaki. We named this new module py-kunaki. It's super easy to use and you can be up and running with your Kunaki account in minutes (assuming you're familiar with Python) I won't bore you with the usage details but if you're curious, just head to the project page and see the various examples given. If you find any issues or have any suggestions please submit a new ticket on the issues page. Even better, fork the repo, fix the bug, and submit a pull request. What? We're all about automation remember?

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