Peter Sanchez

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Unix Pro with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Every cyber spaceship has a leader. Peter Sanchez, Netlandish’s Founder, heads up this ship with his expertise in BSD / Linux systems and the Python programming language.

Peter’s experience with the web and software dates back to the mid 90’s. You know, back when it was AOL’s heyday. His first tech job was in the AOL technical support department at age 16. It didn’t take long for Peter to realize code was his native language. Over the years Peter worked for several established companies and startups as a System Administrator, configuring systems, data mining, reporting, developing, and eventually engineering software for companies like NMIA, iPower, and Groovr.

In 2007, Peter co-founded and became the VP of Development for JumpLaunch Inc., a Los Angeles based web hosting company. While there, he developed all of the internal software and oversaw the company’s system operations. As a born leader and with a steady flow of entrepreneurial venom pumping through his veins, Peter sold his shares in JumpLaunch and founded Netlandish the very next year. He built the business out of a need for custom business solutions — always seeing where a company could expand their presence through social features, custom apps, affiliate networks, and improved internal systems to be more effective and more profitable.