Gustavo Morero

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Using Code to Solve the World’s Problems

While SQL, Python, Linux, Django, and Emacs sound like a foreign language to most, it’s just another day at Netlandish for Gustavo Morero. He speaks code, web, shell, and he’s fluent in Spanish.

Gustavo’s programming days began when he worked in software development for Network Plus Consulting. From there he went on to develop web applications, customized systems, backend systems, and performed maintenance for companies like Luzeo, Lowes Company, various real estate agencies, and developed gaming applications for popular games like God of War, Tennis Match, and others.

At Netlandish, Gustavo is the guy who virtually makes something out of nothing, creating streamlined applications for clients and customizing their business software. His job is all about making clients lives easier and giving their business the technological edge that they need to be the best in their market.

Who wouldn’t want to work with a guy who’s at the top of his game when it comes to code and God of War?