Marcel Chastain

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Building Products Is What He Does Best

Some people take up golf for fun. Marcel Chastain isn’t one of those people. His idea of fun is developing products and securing infrastructure for Netlandish clients as well as for our internal applications. Yeah, he’s that guy — the one who gets pleasure out of working.

Marcel is a master at Python/Django development and System Administration. How much of a master? So much that he worked as the Senior Python Developer for Huge Inc., where he created systems for nationally recognized brands. There’s more. He’s worked as a consultant within the fashion industry, guiding PR agencies, brands, and showrooms as well as helping make LA Fashion Week the success that it is.

Marcel joined Netlandish in 2012, and he works mostly with our client, Adly. Marcel steers Adly in the right direction through cutting edge Python development, unique applications, system administration, and technical strategy consulting. Adly loves Marcel because he’s awesome and has the knowledge to give a business a digital upper hand within their market.

When he’s not talking code, Marcel is talking photography and startups. He’s a born go-getter and that’s that.