Hernan Severino

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Master of All Things Netlandish

Every business needs the glue that keeps it together. At Netlandish, that’s Hernan.

As a seasoned project manager, Hernan oversees all client relations — and he knows what it takes to keep clients satisfied thanks to his expertise in consulting and his progressive management style.
Before joining Netlandish, Hernan spent time as a Project Manager with companies like Inc Fortune and Finity Consulting, LLC., where he established and built client relationships, developed employee training procedures and functionalities, headed up seminars and public speaking engagements, planned events, developed investor relationships, and oversaw the company’s social media efforts. You could say he’s done it all.

As an indispensable member of the Netlandish team, Hernan handles the day to day. Overseeing everything from making sure the office runs smoothly to handling the daily “scrums”. He’s the guy who makes client meetings happen, generates the reports, and coordinates the staff’s workload.

Simply put, Hernan is the kind of guy that picks up where your system leaves off.